Thursday, September 20, 2007

Misty Water Colored Memories...

So, yeah... getting older does kind of suck, but really, not for what you imagine. Yeah, my joints ache, and my flexibility is a joke compared to my twenty-something self. And my waist is Falstaffian these days, but my regrets are focused elsewhere.

I’ve lived in the city for 45 years now, and the sub-urbanization of my city, with the dominance of chains is what makes me sad.

Clearly, the Chicago of my childhood no longer exists. Corner stores, Mom and Pop grill places, butchers, bakers and vegetable stands were ushered out with 7-11’s, White Hen’s and countless fast food franchises.

I can remember when McDonalds was a treat... a destination, a trip to 59th and Kedzie, before they became commonplace. My big (yeah I said big) I mean, OLDER (that better, Tom?) brother actually worked at the Burger King on 55th with my Aunt Mary.

Suffice to say, most of my childhood no longer exists. My hospital that I was born in, my grade school and my high school, all in Chicago, no longer exist. Who is following me with an eraser?

Even sadder, my 20 something haunts no longer exist. The bars, the restaurants, the hot dog stands, all gone...

And yet, Filberts remains

Childhood place intact! Wow! 34th and Ashland... mixed cases for 9 bucks. And, it’s good! Not too sweet, no cloying aftertaste, and all mix well with Vodka! Do yourself a favor and get some before, sadly it is gone.

3430 S. Ashland


Kniblet said...

Have you seen the latest issue of Saveur (Oct 2007)? The whole issue is about Chicago.

delk said...

Heard about it, both good and bad, but haven't read it yet... I do want to snag a copy though!