Sunday, September 30, 2007


Hello again... sorry for the delay...

So the good news? I'm employed! Sadly, I no longer have five hours to fuck around in the kitchen. So, it's been a week of transition... how do I cook after eight hours of work?

Of course, my first week of work coincided with Barry's first week of school, so my schedule was totally out of whack.

My whole 'modus operandi' has been shelved. I usually cooked in the moment. Go to the store, see what looks good, cook it and eat. Now, quite obviously, I have to think in advance, and that's my new challenge. In a weird sort of way, I'm looking forward to it. I've never been a Rachael Ray detractor, in fact I've bemoaned the fact that people can't just crank out a good meal at will.

Okay, now I'm that "30 Minute Meal" guy. I already know, that I'm gonna end up shopping at least three times a week, and probably more.

Since I do love to grill, and it is kind of quick... I made some NY Strips with my take on taters.

So, easy and quick.

  1. Got the time? Marinade the steaks. Don't have the time? Don't worry, salt and pepper them and let them get to room temperature while you prepare the taters.
  2. Chop up some potatoes, I leave the skin on and I used the big "baking" potatoes.
  3. In a sauce pan, bring the taters to boil and let cook for ten minutes.
  4. Now you can go for it... In a skillet melt an inch of butter and whatever is handy... onions, garlic, herbs, etc. Let it cook for a minute or so and toss in the taters.
  5. Meanwhile, grill the steaks. I have a gas grill. Direct Medium heat-- four minutes a side for medium.
  6. Let the steaks sit for five while the taters cook.
  7. Done!
Now that's a quick, and thirty minute meal, from a working guy! Pour yourself a glass of wine, sit in your underwear and enjoy, 'cause you got to go in to the office in the AM!

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