Sunday, September 30, 2007

Breaking Fast

So, it's Sunday morning and that means breakfast. And since it's NFL time, dammit it's big breakfast time. Game on at noon, load up!

So, mise en place:
  1. grape tomatoes- quartered
  2. boiled potatoes
  3. diced onion
  4. chopped up bacon
  5. diced garlic
  6. free range, organic eggs
Not pictured: salt and pepper, red pepper flakes...

So, it's kind of easy... mostly 'cause it's the AM, and yours truly doesn't do the coffee thing, so caffeine free, non zombie kitchen action is what it is...

Anyway, toss some oil of choice-- I used corn oil, into a hot skillet. Add an inch of butter, toss in the onions and sweat them down.

Add the garlic after a couple of minutes then add the tomatoes and potatoes. Don't fuss with it... just let it cook and get all good and crunchy!

Meanwhile, in another (hot) skillet start the bacon. As the bacon cooks, toss some of the rendered fat into the potato mix to give it a boost.

Bacon done? Drain the rest of the fat and toss the eggs in... If you are scrambling them, coat the pan and shake to loosen. Once it starts to set up, scoop and fold for perfection!

Here's the result:

Remember, clicking on any pic will let you see it bigger!

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