Thursday, September 13, 2007

hey there...

Man, I just haven't been in the blogging sort of mode.

And yet, I read lots of you guys, and maybe I need to do a bit more writing instead of just posting a pic. I know a picture is said to equal a thousand words, but I have to start making some sort of compromise between the written and the visualized.

So then... how 'bout a pic?

This is the first template* Barry made to kind of help me figure out his schedule for the week and when he would need food. As Mac people... it's the new "Numbers" program packaged into the iWork 08 update.

It's a start, and useful to me... my scatterbrained excuses can now be debunked with printed out proof.

I find it real hard to think in more than a day when it comes to food. Having the week mapped out in front of me makes it a bit easier and while I'm still getting used to it, I thank Barry for helping me out.

*Actually, the real first one was a horrid design that used a ton of colored ink and didn't allow me to write on it...


John said...

Cool schedule. I'm trying to figure out what you can make with cheese and paper towels...

delk said...

Don't forget the milk!

Probably some grade school project! lol

Usually, the list is the stupid stuff that isn't part of the normal shopping routine.

Paper towels get bought in those huge bundles (12?) and the note meant to remind me that I snagged the last one out of the cupboard.